10 Reasons for Using Your Full Voice


By Ulrike Selleck.

Cranky? Depressed? Low energy?

Did you know that most of us use a mere 20% of our voice in daily life?

And did you know that your voice literally has the power to change your body, health, mood, energy, and even life span?

“Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.”? – Elena Mannes, The Power of Music.

“When you sing, musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape.” TIME Magazine, August 16, 2013 

Your voice may just be the missing link to your full development, happiness and fulfillment.

I always found that when I don’t sing, I have low energy, get cranky, or even depressed. Well, turns out I am not the only one. My students and healing voice clients, as well as singers and researchers all over the world have found the same to be true!

Here are 10 reasons for singing with good technique & your whole body:

1) Singers have better posture and more self confidence.

2) Singing releases endorphins which make you happier. (TIME magazine)

3) You naturally develop healthier breathing patterns: Your breath is lower, signaling more relaxation to your body and brain. “Singing makes us breathe more deeply than many forms of strenuous exercise, so we take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension as well.” — Professor Graham Welch, Director of Educational Research, University of Surrey, Roehampton, UK

4) When you sing, your body releases oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. That helps you reduce depression, low energy, hopelessness and loneliness. (TIME magazine)

5) Tests show that singing improves heart rate visibility, slowing your heart rate.

6) Singers show lower levels of cortisol, (less stress), which helps you sleep better.

7) Good workout: Singing works your lungsimproves circulation, and builds strength in your abdominal and intercostals.

8) Singing strengthens your immune system, according to research by scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany, published in the US Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

9) Singing properly using all resonances opens up your sinuses and respiratory tract. Singers may have less allergies.

10) Singing is good for your brain, enhances your mental awareness, concentration and your memory.

With all those positive physiological and psychological changes: You may live longer! Many opera singers (with good supportive technique) perform on stage well into their 80’s and live longer than non singers.

The good news is: Even if singing is not your thing: Simply using your full voice a few times a day will give you these benefits!

So look for an experienced, holistic voice coach today and start your life anew from the inside out!

Ulrike Selleck, founder of AllThingsVenus.com, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.


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