3 Candidates reflecting the 3 Forces of Nature

3 candidates 3

By Ulrike Selleck. We have 3 options on the political menu right now. Interestingly, at least in my opinion, they correspond to the 3 tenses of past, present, and future, as well as to the 3 forces of Nature: Destroyer, Maintainer, and Creator 1) “Mr. Stubbornly Stuck in the Past” – The Destroyer Someone who…

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Why You Need to Sing ASAP!


By Ulrike Selleck.   Do you sometimes feel depressed or have low energy? If your answer is “Yes”, and you don’t sing regularly, with your full body, then I have news for you: The average person uses only 20% of her voice in daily life. TWENTY PERCENT! No wonder so many people are depressed, have…

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