3 Candidates reflecting the 3 Forces of Nature

3 candidates 3

By Ulrike Selleck.

We have 3 options on the political menu right now. Interestingly, at least in my opinion, they correspond to the 3 tenses of past, present, and future, as well as to the 3 forces of Nature:

Destroyer, Maintainer, and Creator

1) “Mr. Stubbornly Stuck in the Past” – The Destroyer

Someone who tells us to go back to some nebulous past, where or when – although I wouldn’t know what he is referring to – it was apparently great. This comes with staying stuck in the old ways of handling basic survival needs. He encourages fracking, oil for energy, tearing up the Paris climate agreement, ruling over women’s bodies, building walls between us, increasing division, using foul language, insulting people, inciting violence, deporting illegal immigrants, shutting out all muslims, and thinking climate change is a hoax.

Yes, this is the mark of a Destroyer, who is definitely living in the past. But he is not a bad person. He actually has a big heart underneath it all. Maybe he had his heart open, was bullied, and now is bullying back, like a little child, centered around his own needs, oblivious to the world.

However, just like you don’t make a little, self-centered child throwing a tantrum the leader of your family, you don’t let a self-absorbed child-like destroyer adult type run your country, or represent it to the world. You just don’t allow it.

2) “Mrs. Desperately wanting to hold on to the corrupt Status Quo of the Establishment” – The Maintainer

The word ‘establishment’ says it all; it’s a state, with very little flexibility or moving forward. The motives are clear: fear of surrendering control and power, since that would mean less money and status for herself. Both are important for her to feel safe. Her nervous system is very afraid of letting go, of truly, openly involving others, to feel out the right thing for everyone. She has voted for trade agreements that are not in the highest good for all, voted for wars, taken money from the rich, and bent the law to her advantage numerous times. All in order to maintain the status quo, the familiar, comfortable (for her) state.

This is what a Maintainer does. She, too, is not a bad person. She’s like an insecure little girl, afraid, yet wanting to please. She had to adjust to being surrounded by a mostly male political environment. It has toughened her, and hardened her femininity.

When we see a little child, crying, instead of telling her/him to snap out of it, we give love, until the crying stops, just so she/he doesn’t have to get tough and bury her hurts, only to surface later on. We love, but we don’t let her control our family with her moods. In the same way, we ideally don’t allow someone with a money and power driven agenda, lies, contradictions, and possible unlawful activities to run our country.

3) “Mr. We’re All in This Together” – The Creator

Here is someone who thoroughly believes in the unity and equality of all human kind, all races, all ages, all upbringings, all religions, and all genders. Here is someone who wants to create a new future, start fresh, do away with the ways of the past that don’t serve us any longer, and create a way of life for all people that is fair. He has fought for minorities for the 40 years of his career, undeterred by arrests for political involvement, strong opposition of the unsuccessful establishment of the status quo, and the general lethargy of the environment.

This is a Creator.  Here is someone who says “enough is enough”, the pendulum has swung as far as it could.  If we want to save our planet, our economy, and our personal freedom, health and happiness, we have to approach politics a different way, a more humane way.

Is this man child-like in his innocence, enthusiasm, and good will for the greater good of humanity? Absolutely.

Is this someone who is childish, moody, throwing tantrums, only looking out for himself? Absolutely not.

This is someone who has a lot of experience fighting for the good of all. This is someone who has a natural balance and empathy of and for both, the masculine and feminine ways of being.

This is a presidential candidate who comes along once in a lifetime. Feel for yourself, what energy you want for your future, and for the future of your children.

Which one is it going to be? Seems Nature is helping us choose, as per Christine Pavlina. 🙂


Ulrike Selleck, founder of AllThingsVenus.com and HealingVoiceYoga.com, is a Classical Singer, Performer, multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.


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