Good-Bye dear Coffee…


By Ulrike Selleck. Little did I know it would change my life. Twice. Yes. Coffee. 10 years ago my ex of 23 years and I were going through a painful divorce. My life was upside down. No husband, no money and no home. On the bright side: My then 10-year-old son starred in several operas:…

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The 3 Keys to Enlightened Parenting


By Ulrike Selleck. Who am I to give you parenting advice? After all, I’m not a licensed counselor. Granted, I have a degree in Psychology, have helped hundreds of women in their life through my intuitive healing abilities, and taught hundreds of kids my voice self help tools. But here’s what I feel really qualifies…

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Kelly Ripa: ” Singing Improves Your Health!”

Kelly Ripa

By Ulrike Selleck. Even mainstream media are catching on! In yesterday’s episode of The Kelly and Michael Show, Kelly Ripa shared some scientific research about singing. You need both to be happy: Inward experience of the stillness at the core of your Being, and outward expression! It is vital to have 200% of life! Too…

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Stay In Touch – Prince Ea

Prince Ea

By Ulrike Selleck.  Prince Ea has been consistently creating life supporting wake up calls. Through his art, and with his heart. Thank you Prince Ea, for manifesting the Divine Feminine with your nourishing creations. Ulrike Selleck, founder of, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.…

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10 Reasons for Using Your Full Voice


By Ulrike Selleck. Cranky? Depressed? Low energy? Did you know that most of us use a mere 20% of our voice in daily life? And did you know that your voice literally has the power to change your body, health, mood, energy, and even life span? “Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than…

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Ayurveda and Relationships


By Emily Fotis.   Relationships can be challenging — there’s no arguing that one. From minor disagreements to seemingly insurmountable differences, keeping a partnership happy, healthy and mutually fulfilling takes commitment and work, but it’s certainly possible. To the rescue: Know your and your partner’s Dosha/s! Knowing your and your partner’s predominant dosha/s and tendencies…

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How to Love Yourself


By Ulrike Selleck. “Love yourself so much that you realize no one but You exists. After all, there is only the One of us.“  How many times have you felt unloved? How many times have you stood in front of your mirror looking at yourself, and saying to your face: ” I Love You”? Only…

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine – the surprising Truth


By Ulrike Selleck.   The term “Divine Feminine” often gets confused with something implying some form of feminism. Not that this is a bad thing in and of itself. However, the Divine Feminine is more than that: We are all part of Divine. Divine is complete and therefore genderless. Once manifested, it does so in…

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It takes Guts to Teach Guts!


By Ulrike Selleck.   If I had ANY guts, I’d be posting this. But will you disapprove? Look the other way? Pretend it’s not there? Will it offend you? Or: If kids grew up with this much NORMALCY, would they be more grounded? Would the world see less violence, especially towards women? Wouldn’t that be…

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