Good-Bye dear Coffee…


By Ulrike Selleck. Little did I know it would change my life. Twice. Yes. Coffee. 10 years ago my ex of 23 years and I were going through a painful divorce. My life was upside down. No husband, no money and no home. On the bright side: My then 10-year-old son starred in several operas:…

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Why You Need to Sing ASAP!


By Ulrike Selleck.   Do you sometimes feel depressed or have low energy? If your answer is “Yes”, and you don’t sing regularly, with your full body, then I have news for you: The average person uses only 20% of her voice in daily life. TWENTY PERCENT! No wonder so many people are depressed, have…

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Are You the Voice of Your Business?

voice of your business

By Ulrike Selleck. Do you own a business, whether established or start-up? Does the thought of a hall full of potential clients get you happy and excited, – or nervous and anxious? If you’re the voice of your business, you might consider this: Your voice, the way you sound, is crucially important to your life’s…

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The Ego has gotten a bad Rap!

Oprah meditating

By Ulrike Selleck.  In case you missed it: The ego has gotten a really bad rap lately. People say it all the time: “He has a big ego, her ego was in it, what an ego…”, meaning what a bad, full of themselves person he or she is. The ego has been blamed for all…

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The 3 Keys to Enlightened Parenting


By Ulrike Selleck. Who am I to give you parenting advice? After all, I’m not a licensed counselor. Granted, I have a degree in Psychology, have helped hundreds of women in their life through my intuitive healing abilities, and taught hundreds of kids my voice self help tools. But here’s what I feel really qualifies…

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The Silent – and not so silent – Revolution

Oprah meditating

By Ulrike Selleck. This has been going on for a while now. Decades really. Ever since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi first started traveling the Western world over 50 years ago, spreading his easy, effortless, and oh-so-desperately-needed Transcendental Meditation (TM), the consciousness of our planet has been slowly transforming. Some of the first “celebrities” doing TM were,…

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Kelly Ripa: ” Singing Improves Your Health!”

Kelly Ripa

By Ulrike Selleck. Even mainstream media are catching on! In yesterday’s episode of The Kelly and Michael Show, Kelly Ripa shared some scientific research about singing. You need both to be happy: Inward experience of the stillness at the core of your Being, and outward expression! It is vital to have 200% of life! Too…

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Let Opera Singing Revitalize and Rejuvenate You!


By Ulrike Selleck. So by now you know that most of us use a mere 20% of our voice in daily life. And you know that your voice literally has the power to change your body, health, mood, energy, and even life span. So let me ask you: Are you singing? At least a few minutes per day?…

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New Column Starting in July: Tips from the Voice Studio

From the desk of (5)frame

By Ulrike Selleck. Clearly, I am heaven-bound on sharing what I know about the effect your voice has on your life, since I write every other post about it. 😉 So I decided to start a Voice Q&A column in July. Here you can ask and find answers to any and all of your burning…

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What’s in a Name? What’s in Yours?


By Ulrike Selleck. Do you like your name? Loathe it? Meeeh-it? The sounds of your name give cues to what vibrations you are running! Once upon a time God made the earth and the whole universe. Everything that exists, exists in sound vibration as well as light. Our sounds, the ones we use every day…

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