Cleansing Morning Drink


Staying cool and trim in the summer can be a challenge. Here’s a yummy lemony cleansing morning drink you can prepare in a few minutes. Good for your liver, digestion, and overall cleansing. 4 cups purified water 1 organic Lemon, sliced into 4 pieces, with peel 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil Pinch of Turmeric 2 Cracks…

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It’s Time to Sing Yourself WELL!

percent syw3small

New Release: Sing Yourself Well   Discover the Healing Power of Your Voice to get you healthier, happier, more confident. Get your 3 free videos here: Did you know that we use only 20% of our voice and breath in daily life? What if there’s a connection between using such a tiny fraction of our full…

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Thought for Food


Just a quick one so you can be more informed about what you eat every day: In short: Skip the meat, stock up on fresh veggies, and inspire others to do the same. ~ Be Well and Sing Yourself Well!

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Love This Pretty BIG Movement

Got to Love it!

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Bernie Sanders: The Divine Feminine in a Man’s Body


By Ulrike Selleck. You’re probably aware that the world has been dominated by the male energy these past centuries and even millennia. And now we are entering a period of the rise of influence of the Divine Feminine. Question is, will the transition be reflected in the body of a woman embodying very male qualities…

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Our Homework Right Now

world 2

By Ulrike Selleck You may be wondering, fretting, worrying what is going on in this unusual election season. After yet another horrid “politically inspired” argument with someone you love – do you have those? – I decided it was time to express how I feel about what is going on right now. Friends whom I…

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The Most Important Time Is Now

bernie family2

By Ulrike Selleck. Dear ones. At the risk of sounding too new agey (I’ll take that risk, gladly), here’s what we all need to do: If we are serious about wanting Bernie for President, we have to actually see it. Relentlessly, exclusively. We can not afford to entertain ANY other possibility or thought. It doesn’t…

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3 Candidates reflecting the 3 Forces of Nature

3 candidates 3

By Ulrike Selleck. We have 3 options on the political menu right now. Interestingly, at least in my opinion, they correspond to the 3 tenses of past, present, and future, as well as to the 3 forces of Nature: Destroyer, Maintainer, and Creator 1) “Mr. Stubbornly Stuck in the Past” – The Destroyer Someone who…

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How to Live in the Now.


By Ulrike Selleck. Aaahh the eternal quest: How to live in the Now. How do I live in the moment? In my book 7 Seconds to Now you’ll discover how to get a bit closer to just that. You say, what do you mean? Either I am present in the moment, or I’m not. The…

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The Ego has gotten a bad Rap!

Oprah meditating

By Ulrike Selleck.  In case you missed it: The ego has gotten a really bad rap lately. People say it all the time: “He has a big ego, her ego was in it, what an ego…”, meaning what a bad, full of themselves person he or she is. The ego has been blamed for all…

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