How to Live in the Now.


By Ulrike Selleck.

Aaahh the eternal quest: How to live in the Now.

How do I live in the moment?

In my book 7 Seconds to Now you’ll discover how to get a bit closer to just that.

You say, what do you mean?

Either I am present in the moment, or I’m not.

The Now is Now, not in 7 seconds.


Think about it.

It is Now. Yes,

But it is ALWAYS Now.


And Now.

Even Now.

… In case you weren’t able to be present just Now, – wouldn’t ‘you rather get another chance, another go at it in, oh, about 7 seconds?!

This is what this book is about:

7 Seconds to Now gives you the foolproof, physical tools to “snap out of it” (the Maya or being overshadowed), and to get present in just a few seconds.

It may take you a little bit of practice, I’m not gonna lie.

But it’s the same with anything else you use:

If you buy a new phone, there’s a learning curve.

You have to understand how to program it and how to adjust the settings to your liking, so the phone works for you, instead of the other way around.

Once you have it set up so you love it, the phone will ONLY do you good, if you take it with you!

If you forget to bring it along,  you won’t be able to get any use out of it.

When you buy a new toothbrush and you leave it up on the shelf, your teeth will rot, and the investment is pointless.

Same with this book and video training.

No matter your situation, – and please practice with some smaller ones first-, you’ll be more able to drag yourself out of any emotional mess almost like Muenchhausen, who pulled himself out of the water by his own hair.

The tools are clearly explained, simple, fun, organic and natural. They are physical, vocal, and exhilarating.

Once you know them and have practiced them to the point where they’re automatic, you’ll be amazed at your own power: You’ll feel so relieved to be able to control how you feel. You’ll be so happy to feel empowered and free in just a few seconds.

So go to it. Learn. Practice. Repeat. Then test yourself with the Test video.

How did you do?

Please let me know. The magic is waiting for you.

Remember it’s an INSIDE game. The Now is inside you all the time. Go within with these tools, get into your body, get centered, and voila, there you are!

Much Love and Light always.

~ Ulrike


Ulrike Selleck, founder of and, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years experience.




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