Kelly Ripa: ” Singing Improves Your Health!”

Kelly Ripa

By Ulrike Selleck.

Even mainstream media are catching on!

In yesterday’s episode of The Kelly and Michael Show, Kelly Ripa shared some scientific research about singing.

You need both to be happy: Inward experience of the stillness at the core of your Being, and outward expression! It is vital to have 200% of life!

Too many times people choose one over the other, or even neither!!

When the experience of the stillness of Self is missing, material life dominates and we feel cut off from Source, seeing and experiencing polarity everywhere.

On the other hand, when only the inward is favored, we feel lost in the world, get moody, depressed and feel an overall lack of energy.

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I went though this, and at the bottom of my health crisis, Deepak Chopra told me that I needed to start speaking up, using my voice to the fullest, and start singing in order to express myself and get well.

So now I teach just that. In my upcoming book “Sing Yourself Well” I share the 7 vital steps you can do right then and there to ensure your life is in balance.

In the meantime heed Kelly Ripa’s advice to keep singing, for your health and happiness!

Ulrike Selleck, founder of and is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.





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