The Importance of Venus in Your Life


By Sara Hawthorne, with Ulrike Selleck.   

The planet and Goddess Venus, known as Shukra in Eastern Astrology, is a veritable minister in the planetary Cabinet. Venus is personified as a preceptor, nurturer, and a lover.

When Venus is strong in the birth chart of a person, the person will benefit from affluence, pleasure, luxury, beauty, harmony, creativity, love, clarity, balance, and sensuality. A strong and un-afflicted Venus in the birth chart indicates an inclination towards the fine arts, performing arts, healing arts, fashion, singing, painting, photography, and all things beautiful.

When Venus is less strong in a person’s chart, it could have an effect on those areas of life, and make them less enjoyable.

Some easy fixes to help Venus blossom in your health:

  • Cut down on sugar, so your organs stay healthy.
  • Incorporate singing or dancing into your life.
  • Go for a walk in beautiful Nature.
  • Attend a concert or theatre performance
  • Wear something colorful and beautiful, depending on how you want to feel

When you study your specific Venus in your own chart, you’ll gain insight into what Venus signifies for you personally, and then make the necessary adjustments.

Venus is also the general signification for wife in a man’s chart. Depending on its strength, Venus can provide one with a happy married life.

This is why it’s good to know about your and your significant other’s Venus before rushing into a relationship or marriage. That way you can apply the two fold planetary remedies to strengthen a potentially weak Venus (if Venus is a functional benefic planet) or to propitiate or honor Venus (if it is a functional malefic planet).

Venus has long been associated with the diamond.

Starting in the last century, women often receive a diamond ring when they get engaged. There again, however, a different stone might be better for women with certain rising signs.

The reason for this: Every rising sign has a set of planets known as functional malefic planets or functional benefic planets. The functional benefic planets will never cause harm in a person’s life and should be strengthened for even better results. However, the functional malefic planets cause adverse effects and need to be propitiated or honored for smoother sailing in life.

You can have an experienced Astrologer read what the effects of Venus are specifically for you, and then design specific remedies for you.

In the meantime, there are a few simple and enjoyable things you can do to strengthen your Venus:

You can nurture and nourish your Venus by taking time each week (particularly on Fridays) to treat yourself to a play, concert or movie, take a voice or dance lesson, cook a delicious meal, buy that flattering dress, or go out to dinner. You can also listen to chants for Goddess Lakshmi, help women who are like sisters, spend time beautifying your home (I suggest buying roses on Fridays), and pamper yourself with some extra “me” time!

With these simple remedies you can feel a little more like the Goddess you really are!

Sara Hawthorne is a second generation astrologist. For more information or a private consultion, contact her at


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