The Most Important Time Is Now

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By Ulrike Selleck.

Dear ones.

At the risk of sounding too new agey (I’ll take that risk, gladly), here’s what we all need to do:

If we are serious about wanting Bernie for President, we have to actually see it. Relentlessly, exclusively.

We can not afford to entertain ANY other possibility or thought.

It doesn’t matter what Shillary does.

It doesn’t matter what the Drumpf does.

It ONLY matters what we do, how we think, act and feel.

Have you watched or read “The Secret”?

Or “Ask and It Is Given”, by Esther Hicks?

We attract according to the energy we put out.

Whatever we put our attention on, that grows stronger in our life.

So, if Bernie is what we want for ourselves and the planet, then BERNIE is where our attention has to be.

Yes, I’m guilty, too, at times of straying, haha, by entertaining the addictive negativity of what H or T did or are doing.

But if we and Nature want Bernie, then so be it.

Let Nature figure out HOW to make it happen

Act if you can, in whatever furthers your goal. Post, Share, Read, Talk about it, Write about it, do whatever you can.

And hold the vision, feel the feeling. See Bernie sitting in the White House, creating Peace. 

Let us simply hold true to what we want.

Love you all, dear fellow Berners. Go Bernie.

New Agey One over and out. 😉

~ Ulrike


Ulrike Selleck, multi-passionate founder of and, is a holistic Voice Coach, Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and Healing Voice Expert with 25 years of experience.


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