What’s in a Name? What’s in Yours?


By Ulrike Selleck.

Do you like your name? Loathe it? Meeeh-it? The sounds of your name give cues to what vibrations you are running!

Once upon a time God made the earth and the whole universe.

Everything that exists, exists in sound vibration as well as light.

Our sounds, the ones we use every day without paying much attention, are actually powerful manifesting tools.

Don’t like what you see in your life? Change it.

Think different vibrations, feel different vibrations, say different vibrations.

Start with your name. Your name has sound vibrations and frequencies.

My name Ulrike, e.g. is pronounced Oolreekaa.

Now, each particular vowel resonates in a different part of the body, a different energy center or chakra.

In my case, it starts in the lower chakra with the U, or Ooo sound.

It then moves up all the way to the top or crown chakra with the i, or eee sound.

Then it meets in the middle, the heart chakra with the last vowel, the e, or aaa sound.

For decades now I’ve been wanting to change my name because it is so difficult for Americans to pronounce. And for decades, time and time again, have I failed miserably to do so.

Now I know why. My name is perfect for me.

I come from very humble origins, the earthy lower chakra sound, wanted nothing more than to get enlightened from a very early age, the crown chakra sound, and I’m now sharing my knowledge from my heart (chakra) with as many people as I possibly can.

So what is your name?

EeeEeaEahAa (4)venus

What sounds are you expressing? Do you like your name and how it sounds, or makes you feel?

Where in your body does it resonate?

Enjoy playing with these sounds. Let me know if you had any revelations or reactions or insights.

Love and Light, as always, since that’s all there really is. 🙂

Ulrike Selleck, founder of AllThingsVenus.com, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.



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